Terhills is taking a big step towards sustainable mobility with the introduction of autonomous shuttles that transport visitors efficiently and eco-friendly. In operation daily from 9:45 am to 7:15 pm, these self-driving vans offer a free and convenient way to move between the various attractions on the grounds.

The shuttles stop at Elaisa Wellness, Terhills Resort, the National Park Avenue car park, Terhills Cablepark and Terhills Hotel. With a frequency of every 10 minutes, visitors can quickly and easily travel from one attraction to another.

Key features of the autonomous shuttles:

Free to use: Enjoy a free ride between stops.
Green mobility: The electric shuttles contribute to a more sustainable environment.
Wheelchair accessible: Wheelchair users can easily board at the push of a button.
Capacity: Each shuttle accommodates 12 people.

After 19:15, Elaisa Wellness offers its own shuttle service between the wellness and Terhills Hotel.

The introduction of these autonomous shuttles underlines Terhills’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering visitors a modern and comfortable way to explore all the facilities and attractions.