Anyone who thinks of a sustainable destination or repurposed location at the heart of the Euroregion, will automatically think of Terhills. The site transformed from an industrial mining area in the past, into the green heart it is today. As a versatile and developing landscape, a wide range of recreational activities are also offered here. Activities that anyone can come along and benefit from in their own way: relaxing, strenuous, inspiring and everything in between.

Terhills aims to be a lively tourist location where relaxation and sustainability go hand in hand. Only eco-friendly projects are welcome at the site and this same trend applies to our guests’ experiences. For example, the transport at Terhills is 100% electric. Solar panels and storage batteries are used to generate green power for the facilities – from tropical swimming pool to restaurant with views across the water. Both on water and on land!

In the future too, ecology and economy will go hand in hand here; something that visitors sense in every aspect of their experience that they come along to enjoy during their stay or day trip. Green, greener, greenest!

Nestled in the breathtaking National Park Hoge Kempen, for Terhills nature is more than a location, it is a source of inspiration. After all, the heartbeat of nature can be felt by experiencing it actively, passively or interactively. You only need to look at those green slag heaps, the vast blue bodies of water … In short: these 365 hectares of precious mining heritage are the ideal breeding ground for innovative projects and unique tourist experiences. In every season, for every target group.