Electric scooter

Are you ready to scoot into the world of Terhills? Why not use our brand-new electric scooters. On the map you can see where these shared scooters are located.

How do you use them?

  1. Download the Terhills app and create an account. It’s quick and easy to do. You can unlock a scooter using this app. Green light on the scooter = let’s go!
  2. Finished scootering around? Return the scooter to a charging station.
  3. Wait for the green light and the confirmation sound. Then your payment will also stop.

These scooters can only be used within Terhills’ grounds; if you leave the site, the scooter will stop working automatically.
If there are no scooters in the charging station, they are having a winter break.

Charge your electric car anywhere

There are several locations on the Terhills site where you as a visitor can quickly and safely provide your electric car with a full battery. In this way, we reduce our ecological footprint together.

Our charging points:

  • 5 charging stations with 10 charging points at the Terhills Hotel car park
  • 11 charging stations with 22 charging points at the Terhills Resort day visitor car park
  • 15 charging stations with 30 charging points at the Nationaal Parklaan car park

Self-driving shuttle

Experience the mobility of the future and use the autonomous shuttles at Terhills.

These run 7 days a week, from 9.45 a.m. to 7.45 p.m. With stops at Elaisa Wellness, Terhills Resort, the National Parklaan parking (Dilsen-Stokkem), Terhills Cablepark and Terhills Hotel, you’ll get everywhere in a green way. These self-driving minibuses pass each stop approximately every 10 minutes. So you can move smoothly from one attraction to another on the site. Plus, you can use them for free! They can accommodate 12 people and are wheelchair-accessible at the push of a button.

After 7.15pm, Elaisa Wellness offers its own shuttle service between the wellness and Terhills Hotel.

Download the Terhills app