Terhills f

As a Terhills fan, you’re probably already quite familiar with our site. Even so, we’re sure that we can still surprise you. Here, where nature’s heartbeat can be felt everywhere, the discoveries are endless. It’s therefore time for a bit of trivia!

Did you know that …

  • … the headframe of Eisden’s former coal mine is an impressive 24 metres in height? And yes, you can climb up it! The view is definitely worth the climb.
  • … Terhills has four slag heaps and three of these are accessible? Is the fourth slag heap perhaps a mysterious fairy tale mountain where protected forest nymphs live? Who knows …
  • … this is also the home base of the Ecotron research facility? This is an ecosystem experiment managed by the University of Hasselt, consisting of 13 rooms in which the effects of climate change are tested.
  • … all lakes at Terhills result from past gravel extraction?
  • … there is a Terhills shuttlebus which drives a circular route from one attraction to the next? This electric mode of transport allows you to get from one point to another in an environmentally friendly way and without getting sore feet.
  • …. the former administrative building in which Terhills Hotel is now located was known locally as the ‘Coal Castle’?