Terhills Holiday Resort

The Holiday Park occupies 75 hectares of forest to the north of the Hoeveweg extending up to the N75 and approximately 600 metres of frontage overlooking the main lake.

A key principle has been to minimise the amount of deforestation and minimise the visual impact of the development, particularly when viewed from the Long Terril. The total area, North and South of Hoeveweg, occupies about 100 hectare.  The aim is to create a development that is in harmony with its forested surroundings and allows guests to connect with nature. 

The resort will provide tranquil holiday homes that revolve around relaxation, leisure and nature with a varied mix of unit types ranging from units for two, four and six visitors.   A wide range of leisure activities are provided to attract visitors, whatever the weather conditions.  The Holiday Park will adopt ecologically sound principles. This will include sustainable forms of transport and keeping the cabins within the forest car free. 

The current concept consist of 250 high-end cottages at the foot of the Natiola Park overlooking the lake or surrounded by nature. Each cottage will have comprehensive services.  Central facilities Given that the Holiday Park will be open throughout the year and the high-end positioning of the park, it will be essential to have a range of indoor facilities and activities. 

The central facilities for the resort are grouped overlooking the main and will consist of a pool, restaurant, leisure and entertainment area and a grocery. An integral part of the leisure offering of the park will be the Alaesa Spa, a 5’000 m2 state-of-the-art wellness with a range of sauna’s, steam rooms and treatment areas.