Feel the heartbeat of nature
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Located immediately adjacent to Belgium’s sole National Park, Hoge Kempen, Terhills is a unique site of 365 hectare in the heart of the former coal mining province of Limburg (Belgium). The environment of the site has been shaped by its former role as a colliery which has resulted in a dramatic and extensive landscape. Today this is covered by woodland and vegetation and a series of lakes and water features.

Terhills occupies one of the most strategic locations in western Europe. The unique geographical position opens up a substantial regional market with considerable purchasing power for the services and leisure experiences planned for the site. , The development will act as an important catalyst for sustainable economic growth in the region.

The vision for Terhills is to create a unique and diverse tourism destination creating an unique visitor experience,
The development of Terhills will consist of several complementary key components all set within, and sensitive to, the site’s distinctive landscape, the Masterplan.

Terhills, “Feel the heartbeat of nature in everything you do”.

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  Projectoverzicht Terhills
Coming up with a name for a unique project area requires showing respect to a number of criteria.

For one, it is important to highlight the individuality of this specific Limburg region. Nothing inappropriate but a name that fits the former mining area ‘like a glove’. At the same time, it should reinforce the feeling that you experience when you visit the future project area: the place to be for carefree enjoyment.

In addition to the local individuality, we strive for a name with an international character. As the area is located in the middle of the Euro region, it should appeal to people in the wider area.

That is how we came up with the name ‘Terhills’ for the project area. Herein ‘Ter’ is Latin for three, which refers to the three mine tips in the area. The slogan "Feel the heartbeat of nature” illustrates the enjoyment of the unspoiled nature of the region.